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Here's my first article...read it and don't laugh....too much....

Janet & Justin:
The Real Show Stoppers

By Nivian Garcia

I don’t know what sickens me more, the fact that Janet Jackson is related to Michael Jackson, or the fact that America feels “violated” by seeing a boob on television. This “boobgate” scandal is coming at a time where sex sells. Being raised in the 80’s I was taught to firmly cover my innocent eyes when I saw bear breasts on television. Now in the new millennium my niece doesn’t even flinch when she sees movies like Bad Santa or television shows like Sex and the City. Yes, my niece has seen Sex and the City because she can in fact flip through channels with our remote control.

In some ways America has manufactured sex as a commodity for hilarity. Take for example all of the sex jokes in Dude Where’s My Car?, Not Another Teen Movie, and all of the Scary Movies. I can just hear the chuckling when Anna Faris’ character Brenda is covered in what is not white gooey snot in Scary Movie 1 & 2. So then why do Americans get so uptight when all of a sudden a barely visible breast gets 3 second airplay during the halftime show of a Championship Game, when usually people get up to take a piss or get some more Tostitos for their salsa? I’ll tell you why. People like the drama. Who is to say that these same people that are offended by Miss Jackson’s nipple ring don’t sit around on a Saturday night and watch reruns of Nip Tuck when their kids are walking around or playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the PS2 they got for Christmas? Who is to say that these same people don’t have a collection of porn sitting in their closets where they think their kids won’t look. No one can say anything. Just like no one can say that what happened during the halftime show was done on purpose.

I am sick of this entire scandal that points fingers at these two “sinners”. What happened was an accident. Sure, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were planning on making the show a little more spicier by ripping off a piece of her costume to reveal a red laced bra. All they were doing was trying to live up to a song that’s lyrics include “Gonna have you naked by the end of this song”. Where was the mass media bru-ha-ha when Justin sang that piece on his debut solo album that sold over 450,000 copies the first week alone?

This entire fiasco is being fed to us because we like it. We like being pissed off at celebrities because they can have anything they want, and us suburbanite, 9 to 5 slaves, come home to loud ass kids and bitchy spouses. We need the drama. The only problem is we look like fools and hypocrites because we still pay millions of dollars at the box office for sexed-up movies and still purchase copies of albums that ask to “Back that thang up” and “Shake it like a salt shaker”.

Get back to me when Michael whips his wang out in front of a pack of first graders.
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